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SEIMITSU LS-60-CX-SE Joystick (Customizable)

One thing about Seimitsu is they like to tinker with the variations of their sticks and given the superfluous amount of sticks they offer, it can be a bit confusing, even for them

This is the case with their LS-60 which actually uses a newer type spring the LS-60 and uses different microswitches.  The stick is similar to the LS-58 in terms of feel (slightly stiffer)

Please note that this stick because of it's connection type is typically used to replace sticks in Japanese Arcade cabinets.  Out of the box, it will NOT work with commercial sticks from QanBa, Hori, Mad Catz and many others that uses the standard 5-pin connectors. 

What's Included

  • SE Mounting Plate 40
  • Clear Balltop, Dust/Shaft Cover (Select Color of your choice)
  • Fasten Type
  • Dedicated new LS-60 Joystick Spring
  • Dedicated new microswitch


$ 22.95