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Hori Hayabusa Two Tone Matte Pushbutton (30mm)

Hori released it's matte pushbutton with the launch of the HRAP4 Kai Version 2 a few years back.  Ever since the release, these parts in both 30mm and 24mm has been heavily sought after with sell outs within minutes.

With the most recent release of their Fighting Edge for the PS4,they decided to do a two tone colorway with the rim of the pushbutton body in metallic silver and the plunger in the matte black.  This simple change adds a nice touch and can complete a variety of arcade stick designs. 

For now, these are only available in the 30mm format and of course, the first batch will be quite limited. 

Hori Fighting Edge image is for display purposes only for the pushbutton we are offering here (the full arcade stick not included here).

$ 4.25