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HORI Fighting Stick α Xbox X | S | One | PC [PACKAGE PROMO]

It's been a while since Hori has released a completely redesigned arcade stick.  For the life span of the the Xbox One or the Sony PS4 did we see one new model, which was the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai.  The other arcade stick body were previously released from their PS3 line, such as the Hori RAP N, Hori Fighting Edge and the Hori VLX Premium

Hori did what worked for their consumers as both of those models were solid performers as well as fan favorites for the past console generation

Not Your Dad's Hori

For the past decade Hori has been listening and taking notes on what improvements they can make for their completely revamped design.  What Hori has welcomed over the years is that the consumer loves to modding and customize their arcade stick

So what you see here with the Hori FS Alpha is all the suggestions and feedback consumers have given them, a fresh arcade stick design that is what most consumers today desire, a mod-friendly arcade stick

Clamshell Design

Outside of Hori's VLX Premium line, this is their first arcade stick that allows you to flip the lid open (without removing multiple screws from the bottom panel) to gain easy access to remove or replace the pushbuttons, joystick and pcb (in the future)

Removable Clear Plexi to Display Custom Artwork

It's hard to imagine that this is Hori's first arcade stick to offer a removable plexi to customize your own artwork.  All other previous models had a custom artwork that was applied to the top panel via adhesion. Once this is removed, it could not be reapplied.  With the FS Alpha, you can print your own artwork (or have us print it) to simply replace the stock artwork


  • Hayabusa buttons & stick lever
  • Chassis opens for easy maintenance and customization
  • Switch out top housing artwork with your own
  • Assignable buttons, Share Button, Profile Button, Key Lock Mode, and more
  • Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10
  • Officially Licensed by Microsoft

$ 199.98

$ 189.98