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Custom Artwork Pushbutton Print Service Now Available
  • Make your own custom pushbuttons
  • Premium Quality Print with Protective Coating
  • Price for each custom print is $17, so please make sure the quantity of the custom print matches the quantity of the pushbutton itself.  If this is less, we will only print what you checked out with
  • Allow one week for your custom order to be completed Exclusive Color:  Grey Violet

The advantage that the Japanese buttons have over the American buttons is response time and accuracy.  Use these yourself and you will be a true believer.  At high levels of competition, each and every 'input' counts and for the most precise and responsive button, look no further than Sanwa buttons.  They look great, but most importantly, perform to the highest standards

These are the snap-on type, which work with all the sticks we carry, Hori, Qanba and even MAS (the ones that use the Sanwa's).  They are 30mm in size and are the main PLAY buttons, not the smaller START/SELECT buttons that are used in some of the sticks.  For the START/SELECT, choose the 24mm Version

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$ 2.75