What's the difference between our high grade aluminum panels and a metal panel, ones that come stock with the arcade stick or others out on the market?

For starters, these are 2mm thick (the stock panel is under 1mm).  These are anodized in black, not painted, which means the "black" will not wear out over time.  We further brushed the metal to give it a smooth and premium feel.  Other details we made sure of was that the thickness of the panel matches that of the stock panel from Hori, which means that it's flush with the rest of the control panel and there's no bulging in various parts of the panel, which is found in replacement plexi + artwork solutions

This panel will directly replace the stock panel that is currently on your Hori RAP4 Kai


Choose between VEWLIX, NOIR JP-22 or NOIR KR-35 button layouts

  • 2mm Brushed Aluminum Panel
  • 6 - 3M Metal Screw Covers
  • VEWLIX (Stock Layout)
  • NOIR JP-22 (22mm cut out of the joystick collar)
  • NOIR KR-35 (35mm cut out of the joystick collar - made to fit full collar Korean Levers)

Stock Panel Removal Process

Remove the bottom panel by unscrewing the screws with a philips head screw driver.  Remove the joystick and all the pushbuttons.

The stock artwork panel will be removed from the top.  It is held by a strong adhesive. A heat gun (set at a moderate temperature, otherwise you can damage the plastic casing) used at one of the corners of the panel will help lift the edge, which will allow you to pull the rest of the panel off.  You can also pull the panel off without a heat gun, by lifting one of the corners with a small flat head, however, this is a bit more difficult due to the strong adhesive, but a little muscle will accomplish this

Engrave your Panel

Add a personal touch and uniqueness to your aluminum panel with our laser engraving services.  Please read the instructions carefully to ensure the quality of your image is ready to be engraved.  If it does not meet our specifications, this will delay your order

Instructions on How to Prep your Files

Please read the instructions above carefully.  As a reminder, you need to submit at least 2 files.  One will be the .svg file of your artwork / logo.  The other file is the template that shows where you would like to engrave it on the panel

(+$ 35.00 to Add Your Custom Engraving )

$ 49.95

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