The stock Hori Fighting Edge is already outfitted with a silver brushed aluminum panel, which gives it a premium look.  We wanted to follow this up with a black brushed version to give it a stealth look, at the same time give you the ability to laser engrave custom artwork or logo on it

This panel directly replaces your stock top panel.  You will still utilize the bottom button panel currently existing in your Fighting Edge

Installation is easy:  Unscrew the bottom panel screws, remove the pushbuttons and lever.  Remove the top existing silver panel (held down by the 6 screws).  Install new panel and reinstall pushbuttons and lever


  • Brushed Aluminum Black Panel

Engrave your Panel

Add a personal touch and uniqueness to your aluminum panel with our laser engraving services.  Please read the instructions carefully to ensure the quality of your image is ready to be engraved.  If it does not meet our specifications, this will delay your order

Instructions on How to Prep your Files

Please read the instructions above carefully.  As a reminder, you need to submit at least 2 files.  One will be the .svg file of your artwork / logo.  The other file is the template that shows where you would like to engrave it on the panel

Quick Link:  https://tinyurl.com/HGAHORIFE

(+$ 35.00 to Add Your Custom Engraving )

$ 49.95

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