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QANBA GRAVITY SOLID 30mm Mechanical Pushbutton [Screw-On]

Gravity Project

The goal:  To make the best pushbutton on the market in every aspect.  Performance, reliability and the ease of installation.   Over a two year span, numerous revisions were made to achieve these goals

Decision Making Process

Why OMRON Custom Switch?

It's fair to say there are many mechanical switches on the market that have very good response times.   With this even playing field, it came down to more of the physical shape and how it responds to the other parts of the pushbutton that led to this decision

The Shape is better suited for pushbuttons compared to other mechanical switches

More Surface Area

The Omron switch is a larger surface area where the cap attaches to the switch.  Unlike pushbuttons that uses the MX switches, which is held down by attached to the small cross hair plastic, the Gravity is attached at four points that are spread out (more surface area), allowing less button wobble and more stability

Furthermore, the smaller surface area of the cross hairs on the Cherry MX switches to hold the plunger / cap in place, players have experienced these popping off during gameplay.  Not an issue with casual play, but a serious issue during tournament play when the stakes are higher

Custom PCB with Soldered Blades for the Secure, Surefire Response

Secondly, most manufacturers have chosen to use a switch base within the pushbutton body, where the switch blades are not seated permanently (not soldered), but held in place by a plastic adapter.  This leaves room for error as these blades, if not installed properly, can be loosened, therefore, the pins of the microswitch do not make proper contact.  The result is inconsistent response and misfire

Easy and Fast Installation

As with many of our custom products, one of the main points we discussed with Qanba was the pushbutton switch has to be as easy to swap out as one would find in the Sanwa Denshi or Seimitsu pushbuttons.  Swapping out a pushbutton switch shouldn't take more than 20 seconds at most to do, which has been the case with pushbuttons that utilize the Cherry MX switches.  For the Gravity pushbutton design, swapping out the switch can take as little as 10 seconds.  It's that easy and fast

Gravity Pushbutton Breakdown Video

Gravity Pushbutton Features

  • Custom Omron Grey Mechanical Switch
  • Linear Silent
  • Fluid and Smooth Feedback
  • 70,000,000 Cycle Life Span
  • 45 cN
  • Actuation Distance: 1.5mm
  • Total Travel: 3.2mm
  • Body of the Gravity Pushbutton serves as a "wrench" for easy install
  • Add Optional Silencer Pad for even quieter operation

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$ 4.25