Sanwa Denshi OBSJ-30 METALLIC Pushbutton (30mm)

New for 2018: Two-tone black / metallic body pushbuttons.  This was the same colorway as used in the EVO 2017 pushbuttons we offered at our booth (without the logo, of course). 

Metallic painted 30mm pushbuttons by Sanwa Denshi.  

Initially released in small batches at EVO 2016, this is the official launch of their metallic series parts.  These are 30mm in size and will fit stock Qanba, Hori and Mad Catz fight sticks for the main "play" pushbuttons. 

Complement with the

Matching 24mm Metallic Pushbuttons

Matching 35mm Metallic Balltops

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$ 4.50

$ 4.35

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