Qanba METALLIC (30mm) Pushbuttons

Qanba is most well known for their arcade sticks, producing controllers such as the Q2, Q3 (Obsidian), Q4 (RAF) and the Q5 (Dragon).  What they don't promote so much are their parts line up, such as their pushbuttons or joysticks 

The main reason is simply, they don't offer them separately and their self branded parts are normally built-into the arcade sticks they sell

The Qanba pushbuttons found in the Drone and Crystal are essentially Sanwa Denshi OBSF clones.  They are the same size, shape and use their own pushbutton switch.  Metallic pushbuttons are becoming more popular and Qanba decided to make their own version, with a little twist

Currently, Sanwa Denshi offers Gold, Silver, Gunmetal, Red and Blue metallics.  Qanba adds metallic green which we feel is the next logical color that would come after red and blue

Compatible with Sanwa Denshi Pushbutton Switches

Given the form factor is essentially and OBSF pushbutton, Sanwa Denshi's SW68 and SW68CAU are both compatible with this pushbutton should you prefer these


With the nature of the material the clear and metallic pushbuttons are made out of, these can sometimes squeak when pressed

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