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QANBA DRONE in Matte Black Customized [CHOOSE TYPE]

Update:  January 2, 2023 New Mods with Qanba KS Mechanical Silent Pushbuttons

Go Compact with performance parts.   In today's controller market, the average user, like shoes, owns and uses more than one.  Arcade controllers today may be seen by some as a fashion statement using different artwork, finishes, part mods for aesthetic upgrades, but here we haven't forgotten why they were made in the first place.  Improved performance.  

Do I need another controller? 

As we mentioned above, many gamers in the FGC (Fighting Game Community) have multiple controllers, so why would one need another?  If you have a sneaker collection, chances are, you already know the answer to this.  It's about the look you may like, the way it feels based on your needs and simply the size or how light weight it is

The Qanba Drone has always appealed to us in terms of it's form factor and how comfortable it is to play on.   The stock parts though were something we wanted to upgrade to level it up to the higher end controllers out there, but the main advantage is it's small compact travel size.   Moreso, we wanted the Drone to have a more premium appearance and to accomplish this, we had the top panel converted to a matte black finish.  Mission accomplished

Aesthetic and Performance Upgrades

Qanba's Drone arcade stick is a nice sized arcade case.  Up to this point, we did not carry this unit with it's stock components or aesthetics, simply because we have always been focused on performance and the looks do matter to us as well.  

  • Sony PS3/4/5/PC Compatible
  • Custom Matte Black Control Panel Finish
  • Sanwa Denshi JLF Joystick
  • Sanwa Denshi / Hori Hayabusa / Qanba Gravity Pushbuttons
  • Upgraded Joystick Harness (Allows you to swap out to another joystick without having to make a custom harness - The stock Qanba Drone used a .187 custom harness)

Just Added January 2, 2023:   Custom mods with the Qanba Gravity KS Clear Pushbuttons.  These pushbuttons are the quietest on the market and have a very short travel distance for the fastest input.  This controller is great for either casual or more serious competitive play and is very easy to carry around. 

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$ 159.99