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OMRON Joystick Switches [Set of 4]

Omron Switch Guide Compatibility

Choose your switch to fit your play style.  Please check the compatibility chart to see which joystick we offer are compatible with these switches

The body structure of each of the joystick or Otto Kits listed have notches to hold each of the switches in place (with the aid of the gate).  Please note that one of the switches below uses .250 connectors, which is uncommon in terms of cables that are available out on the market

OMRON V-16-3A5

  • 1.96N (200gf) Operating Force
  • Similar to JLF-TPMA
  • .187 Connector

OMRON V-15-3A5

  • 1.96N (200gf) Operating Force
  • Exact Replacements for Hori Hayabusa
  • .187 Connector


  • 1.23 (150gf) Operating Force
  • 3/4 Tension of JLF Stock Lever
  • .250 Connector - Note: We do not have pre-made cables for these so they would have to be soldered on or you would have to make your own custom cables

OMRON V-10-3A4

  • 0.98 (100gf) Operating Force
  • 1/2 Tension of JLF Stock Lever 
  • .187 Connector


  • 0.49N (50gf)
  • 1/4 Tension of JLF Stock Lever
  • .187 Connector

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