What's the difference between our High Grade Aluminum panels and a metal panel, ones that come stock with the arcade stick or others out on the market?

Our panels are thicker and we go the extra step by applying a brushed aluminum finish to give it a premium look and feel

We will soon offer laser engraving for these panels as well which adds a custom touch to your controller 

The Razer Panthera, while we've never officially carried this arcade stick in our store, has remained one of our favorite arcade sticks. The build quality, form factor, weight and ease of modding makes it one of the most well balanced arcade sticks out there

For these reasons, there are plenty in circulation and for that reason, we have set out to make worthy replacement panels for them.  From our knowledge our replacement panels for the Razer Panthera are the first offerings anywhere.  We're providing a wide variety of button layouts from the Noir with Japanese and Korean collar sizes, the stock VEWLIX layout in both black and dark blue colors and of course, the favorite among stickless players, the Hitbox layout

Conversion Kit

The Razer Panthera requires two parts (the Hitbox, three) to complete the conversion.  There is a metal bottom plate (which makes it sturdier and prevents less vibration) and the top panel.  For the Hitbox, an addition of the SOCD Cleaner kit is required and included in the conversion kit


  • VEWLIX Layout (Top Panel Included / For the bottom support plate, you will use the stock one provided by Razer)
  • NOIR Layout (Top Panel and Bottom Plate Included)
  • HITBOX Layout (Top Panel, Bottom Plate and SOCD Kit Included)

Installation Guide PDF

Step by step instructions on how to remove the top panel as well as installing the Hitbox Panel and SOCD Kit

Quick Link: https://tinyurl.com/HGARZRPAN

Engrave your Panel

Add a personal touch and uniqueness to your aluminum panel with our laser engraving services.  Please read the instructions carefully to ensure the quality of your image is ready to be engraved.  If it does not meet our specifications, this will delay your order

Instructions on How to Prep your Files

Please read the instructions above carefully.  As a reminder, you need to submit at least 2 files.  One will be the .svg file of your artwork / logo.  The other file is the template that shows where you would like to engrave it on the panel


(+$ 35.00 to Add Your Custom Engraving )

$ 44.95

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