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Get your Officially Licensed EVO Fight Stick Bag Today

We are proud to be able to partner up with the EVO Group in 2017 to produce the best fight stick bag on the market.   The EVO brand is what we see as the pinnacle of FGC Esports.  With this in mind we set out to once again to improve on our previous design. The result? Mission accomplished. 

Like our first ground breaking design from our first arcade stick bag release, the FS Transporter, the core shape, inner padding and dimensions are the same.  Outside of this, everything else has been improved drastically.  

While designing the EVO Bag, one of the key elements we wanted to accomplish was a look and color choice that could be used all year round, year in and year out.  What this means is the style and color fabric chosen will never grow old and would complement pretty much any decor, your outfit, your shoes. Yeah, it may seem silly, but these simple details are important, to us and to you.  

With that in mind, our group chose a black fabric that has a unique square repeat texture to it.  This gives it a fuller and deeper look, not dull and flat.

We didn't stop there.  Our partner, 686™, leaders in technical snow boarding apparel, gave us a hand and allowed us to use their patented technology, which provides durable water repellency and breathable to the fabric.  

The water repellency speaks for itself, but why breathable? This is important to internal contents from moisture and allowing it to circulate air to prevent any minor heat damage.  It may be a bit overkill for such a category, but that's what we're all about, details.  


  • Officially Licensed EVO Championship™ Product
  • First Technical Arcade Stick Transporter Bag
  • Water Repellent Custom Fabric by 686™ (DWR Finish)
  • Weight Balanced Tech with the Straight Back and Ultra Cushion Support for the Back and Shoulders
  • Premium Big and Hefty #10 YKK Zippers
  • Thick / Adjustable Internal Padding for Ultimate Protection
  • Easy to Open and Insert and Unload Arcade Stick with Unique Side Loading Design
  • Limited Production
  • Fits some of the widest controllers out there such as the Hori Fighting Edge, Qanba Dragon, Qanba Obsidian (OG) and 2

Our signature side loading design and rectangular shape cannot be mistaken for your normal backpack.  These two features provide for the easiest method of loading and unloading your fight stick while standing out with the cleanest lines.  

The EVO Championship Series Transporter easily fits these fight sticks (Internal Width - 19"):

  • Hori Fighting Edge, RAP4, RAPV, RAP2, RAP3, RAPEX
  • Mad Catz TE2, TE2+, TES
  • Qanba Obsidian, Q2, Q4, Crystal and Dragon
  • Razer Atrox, Panthera

Make no mistake, this is our best effort by far and for the EVO Championship™ brand, expect nothing less.  The best FGC Event receives only the best. 

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$ 119.98