Brook Wingman Converter SD for Sega Saturn and Dreamcast [FREE SHIPPING]

Ships Early July 2020


For those unfamiliar with Brook's Super Converter series, the Wingman is the next generation of Super Converters

The original Super Converters would allow you to use a control pad or arcade stick from one or two systems (i.e. PS3/4) to the Retro system of your choice

The Wingman takes it a few steps further and expands the choices of controllers you can use from the following systems:

Xbox 360 / Xbox One / Switch / PS3 and PS4

to use on your Sega Saturn or Dreamcast

The previous generation you could only use a PS3 or 4 control pad or arcade stick
200 Blocks of Memory for the Dreamcast
Furthermore, Brook added more memory blocks, a total of 200 to save games on the Sega Dreamcast. That's nearly triple of the previous model.  No need to worry about finding that VMU or if it's actually working.  All the memory is built-in
So what's the big deal here?
You will now have a large variety of controllers you can use on two great retro systems which didn't have a good selection of controllers for games that required more precise execution

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