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BROOK P5 Plus Fighting Board [AVAILABLE NOW]


The next generation of PS5 Fighting Board is here from Brook.  Extreme speed with only .71ms latency.  Yes, that's under 1ms

We worked with Brook to suggest what connectors should be beneficial to the end-user and as you can see from the tech pack, this board is packed with a lot of goodies 

The one connector that is specific connector that is beneficial for our use is the 4-pin Molex connector which is needed to use with the EZ Mod for the TE2+ 

The tech diagram below details each connector and what cables you can use with this for the easiest possible installation

Key Features

  • Compatible with all PS5 / PS4 / PS3 / Switch and X-Input on PC
  • Extreme Speed at .71 ms latency
  • Eighteen different button configurations
  • Four different player LEDs
  • Supports One Touchpad Function (Optional Accessory)
  • Supports Turbo Key Function
  • Console Auto-detect
  • Manually Change PS5 / PS4 / PC Modes
  • Supports Four SOCD Modes
  • Supports LS / RS / DP Modes
  • Firmware Upgradable 

Quick Link:

$ 69.95