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BROOK PS4 Fighting Board Plus [FGC PROMO]

SECRET SUNDAY SPECIAL:  Modder's, here's a SUPER cheap way to mod your controller with Brook's PS3/4/PC (Upgradable to PS5 via UP5).  

Scroll down to Brook PS4/3 Fighting Board Plus and download either the PC or MAC version to run the update

Following up to their Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board, Brook unveils it's PS3/4 Fighting Board Plus which takes out the audio portion as well as the break out board.   This helped lower the overall cost from $64.95 down to $49.95, which makes it a very affordable solution for those who wants a PS3/4 PCB for the arcade stick mod project.

While many boards out on the market come bare bones (hence, their "low" price), Brook provides a pretty complete solution with pre-soldered connectors that make it easy to mod.

We worked with Brook to suggest what connectors should be beneficial to the end-user and as you can see from the tech pack, this board is packed with a lot of goodies. 

The one connector that is specific connector that is beneficial for our use is the 4-pin Molex connector which is needed to use with the EZ Mod for the TE2+ (by Jasen's Customs). 

The tech diagram below details each connector and what cables you can use with this for the easiest possible installation

Key Features

  • Compatible with all PS4 / PS3 and X-Input on PC
  • Eighteen different button configurations
  • Four different player LEDs
  • Supports One Touchpad Function (Optional Accessory)
  • Supports Turbo Key Function
  • Console Auto-detect
  • Manually Change PS3 / PS4 / PC Modes
  • Supports Two SOCD Modes
  • Supports LS / RS / DP Modes
  • Firmware Upgradeable

Optional / Recommended Accessories



$ 49.95

$ 41.98