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When Brook released their Universal Fighting Board in January 2016 (launched at a whole new market opened up for the next generation of stick modding.

While the Brook UFB is an amazing product, the board by itself requires a bit more work on the user side without the proper connectors and headers, as well as a complementary list of cables


Brook Universal Fighting Board - Compatible with many modern systems

(PS5 | PS4 | PS3 | Xbox 360 | Xbox One | PC | WIIU | Switch | NEO•GEO Mini)

The purpose of this kit is two fold.  Make modding easy and save time doing it.  If you're technical and love challenges putting together complex components to complete your fight stick, there's plenty of parts out there for you to tickle your interest

There are others, however, that want to experience putting together their own master piece without the tedious requirement of making custom cables, connectors and figuring out of what major parts are required to do so

So here you have it.  The key components that will help you put together that custom arcade stick you've always wanted to do, but just didn't want to do all the homework doing it.  Let's have some fun and do this! 

Below is a list of parts that we put together to simplify your fight stick modding (besides choosing your joystick and pushbutton parts, of course).

Buy together, save time and money

HYPER Universal Modding Kit Parts

Optional or Recommended add-on Harness for Hit-Box Mod


Brook UFB w/ 20-pin connector and soldered headers

It was quite a while back that we first asked Brook to make a custom UFB with the 20-pin header and soldered headers to help us with our custom modding projects.  Once again, Brook came through and produced their Universal Fighting Boards with a variety of headers and a 20-pin male connector, which is the vital piece to making this mod kit super easy and efficient to install. 

AS Quick Connect 20-pin Harness for Fight Sticks

Since you're building a brand new fight stick, you'll need this harness to connect the joystick, pushbuttons (with ground) to the PCB.  One method of connecting all these wires to the Brook UFB is to connect each wire strand by strand to the terminal block in the appropriate spots, but this is a time killer.  Our solution? A female 20-pin connector plugged right into the 20-pin male on the pre-soldered Brook UFB.  We can't make this any easier and think of the time you'll save to put into tricking out the stick?

Neutrik Type A to B Reversible USB Connector (Choose Between Black / White)

This piece is the link between your system of choice (PS3/PS4/Xbox360/XboxOne/WiiU/PC) and your Brook UFB via USB.  You will need a hole saw (as noted below for size / type) and a Dremel to sand / smooth it out.  This is probably going to be the most labor intensive in putting together your stick, which really isn't that intense at all.  Drill the appropriate sized hole, screw in with the includes screws and nuts and you're done. 

Recommended Hole Size / Type for drilling Neutrik hole:  7/8 inch Dozer Hole Saw

Neutrik SDCP Sealing Gasket (Color Gasket will match with USB Connector)

Choose your preferred color to give the Neutrik NAUSB that finished look.

7" (inch) Custom Angled Type A to B USB Cable

This cable connects in between the Brook UFB and Neutrik NAUSB connector inside your fight stick, while giving it a cleaner and uncluttered look.  You can find many lengths of USB cables out there, but this cable was made to be just the right length and give your mod that customized look.

10' (foot) Type A to B USB Cable

With your installation of the Neutrik NAUSB, you can connect this cable to your system of choice when in use and remove it when you're done.  10 feet (or 3.3M) in total length.

If you're going to mod your own DIY fight stick from scratch, this kit is a breeze.  How about modding an existing stick, such as a Qanba Q4?

4-Pin L3 / R3 / Touchpad (Click) Harness for Brook UFB

This is the latest addition to our Modding Made Easy Universal Kit, which allows you to activate the Touchpad (Click Only) from the Brook UFB.  Please note that the Touchpad functionality only works as a "click" or press function and not through touch via the Brook Universal Fighting Board.

Adhesive PCB Feet

While we had this available as an option previously, we're now including this with all of our kits to take the guess work on where to mount the Universal Fighting Board as it opens up more options in places where screwing the board down is not possible.

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