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Classic Concave SOLID Caps for SANWA DENSHI 30mm Pushbuttons

Classic Look, Classic Feel

Relive the touch and feel of the pushbuttons of the 80's and 90's with our new Classic Concave Caps

The whole initial concept of a concave pushbutton was to allow your fingers to rest naturally within the center of the plunger comfortably

Injection Molding Process

To ensure a seamless look and more importantly smooth feel to match the stock convex plungers of the Sanwa Denshi pushbuttons, we used the same injection molding process to produce these

The fit is even more secure than the stock Sanwa Denshi plunger, while blending in with the stock body seamlessly with our color matching process

Need just the 30mm Body and Switch to Mix and Match?

Sanwa Denshi OBSF30 in Black with SW-68 (no plunger)

Also available in the Classic Concave Plungers:

NOTE: These caps are compatible with the Sanwa Denshi OBSF30, OBSFS30, OBSJ30, OBSN30 Series.  This is not compatible with the OBSFE30 Series

 Check out Hurtbox TV's review and installation of these Classic Concave Caps

$ 1.60