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USB C to A Round Panel Mount Adapter Version 2 (USB 3.0)

Updated and upgraded with better build quality with a full aluminum body.  Our previous model used a plastic composite

For those who prefer USB C connectivity this panel mount adapter is an easy solution.  As we're seeing with newer generation controllers and devices, USB C has been adopted as the connectivity of choice

USB C has a much faster transfer rate, which can assist with performance if implemented to do so

For this unit, simply use a common hole saw to cut your hole in either metal, plastic or wood panel, insert the panel mount and screw on to tighten.  It's that easy and will fit into pre-cut 24mm pushbutton holes

 This unit can be installed to materials that are up to 16mm thick

NOTE:  The rubber cover does not work very well and does not need to be used in the installation.  It's an added feature and can work, but is difficult to put on

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