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Eco Fighters (Ultimate Ecology) CPS2 Kit

This game saw a very limited release from Capcom here in the states (and in Japan). Interesting enough, the story behind this game was Capcom held a theme contest and a Japanese gamer won and hence, the game was then produced. Very few people have played this game and for those who have, most find this concept to be unique and a nice collectable item for any Capcom fan.

We have one kit left, which comes with the PCB itself (B Board), one Capcom sticker, manual and some control panel artwork (reprints, but from Capcom themselves).   It comes in the smaller brown B Kit box, not the large white one as we're out of those. 

Blue "B" boards are rare to find altogether, so having this in a partial kit format is almost an impossibility these days. 

$ 800.00