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Dead or Alive 2 Full Kit (Brand New, Never Used)

If you've played the original Dead or Alive by Tecmo, you'll know how special and improved the sequel is.   Besides Virtua Fighter at the time, Dead or Alive received a nice following by 3-D fighting game fans.   We have never seen this kit for sale whether new or old.  Ours here is brand new, never used and it's the only time we've come across this in our 6 year history.   This is certainly a rare collector's item as it's brand new.
  • Comes in a White Capcom Box - same as a CPS2 Kit (Distributed by Capcom in the United States)
  • Brand New DOA Motherboard - PCB JAMMA Board (not a CPS2 board)
  • Brand New Large Marquee
  • Brand New Move stickers
  • Instruction Manual
  • Control Panel Overlay

$ 3,500.00