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EX GEAR Replacement USB Cable for Razer Panthera Arcade Stick

Update 05/22/22:  The latest version of this cable, the barrel connector is close to the length of the official Razer cable which means it's easy to connect and disconnect as it's easier to grip.  The picture attach reflects the old cable.  New pic coming soon

IMPORTANT:  We've had a lot of requests to make a replacement cable for the Razer Panthera.  In doing so, we always factor in the cost of production which determines the selling cost (to you) itself.  In doing so, we decided to choose the same barrel length as the Mad Catz to bring this to a reasonable price.  The screw barrel on the Razer Panthera is elongated (custom made) as the port to connect the cable is recessed, so to easily screw on and off the cable, it's helpful

The one part of an arcade controller that seems to not last as long is the USB cable.  The damage generally comes from the cable being wrapped numerous times, internally damaging the wire strands

This is probably the most common issue we've received from arcade stick owners of why their controller no longer works.  So instead of buying a new arcade stick (which is not all that uncommon when the cable goes bad), you can save yourself a bit of coin here with a simple replacement

While both the Mad Catz TE2 and TE2+ cables use the Aviator type connector, the pin-out of the Razer Panthera is different


  • Replacement USB Cable for the original Razer Panthera (not the EVO model)
  • Braided to Ensure better durability
  • Durable Aviator Connector
  • Length 3M (9.8 ft)

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$ 21.95