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Super Street Fighter II Turbo Defeated Sanwa Denshi (30mm) PUSHBUTTON

It is easy to celebrate when victory is at hand, but what do we learn from defeat?  The most successful FGC gamers are the ones who do just that, learn from their losses and become humble from them. 

For those who have played Street Fighter II back in the day, the in between 'defeat' cut scenes were one of the staple art pieces of the series.  These scenes were later forgotten in future Street Fighter titles. 

Life isn't all about winning, but the lessons we learn from when we experience defeat.

Once again, we've teamed up with Sanwa Denshi to produce quality Street Fighter licensed balltops of your favorite Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Defeat characters. 

  • Officially Licensed Street Fighter Product
  • Parts and Printing by Sanwa Denshi Co., Ltd. (Leader in FGC Parts)
  • OBSF30 Pushbutton
  • 30mm Pushbutton (fits Hori, Mad Catz, QanBa controllers as well as many others that have 30mm spacing)
  • Extreme Limited Edition (Single Production Run)
  • Note: All the characters will have Black Colored Ring (shown) for consistency and to match the theme's mood.


$ 12.50