Super MVS Convertor II (MVS --> AES) (BLUE LED)

NEO Super MVS Convertor II (Latest Model with BLUE LED)

There were two versions of this converter made, one with the RED LED and one with the BLUE LED, which is the one we currently sell and is the latest revision of the two.

Finally, a converter for your AES system that allows you to play *every single MVS title out there. Professionally produced with protective high quality plastic case, the installation of this piece is as easy as inserting your AES game into your Neo Geo AES System, if not easier.

Despite the P-1 being the best converter for it's time, you're always concerned that it would snap if not inserted properly to both the MVS cart and to your AES unit as well. This is not the case for this converter.

We tested this converter thoroughly with all the latest titles, King of Fighters 2003, Samurai Shodown V, Metal Slug 5, SNK vs. Capcom, Metal Slug 4, Rage of the Dragons and they are worked flawlessly without any glitches.

NOTE:  This converter is guaranteed to work with authentic MVS carts.  Any conversion or bootlegs are NOT guaranteed to work, so if you purchase this, please make note.  Any returns are subject to the restocking fee. 

The mini CD that is included are instructions on how to use the adapter, not a driver of any sort that you have to install to make the converter work.

$ 249.99

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