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Street Fighter Zero 3 -ISM Universe Tee (by Motoki Yoshihara)

For EVO 2015, our goal was to release one epic design and when collaborated with Motoki Yoshihara, he delivered just that with this Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Universe design. 

Our goal is to always top the previous year and once again with the help of Yoshihara-san, he certainly delivered.  For now, we're just teasing the FRONT of the tee image. The back image will not disappoint and level of detail, time and patience put into this piece, well, you will see. 

One of our personal favorite fighters of all time is none other than Street Fighter Zero 3 (aka Street Fighter Alpha 3). 

The SFZ3 Universe:  A-ISM (Green), V-ISM (Blue), Z-ISM (Red) (X-ISM outside of Japan).  The main man, RYU (Green A - ISM Mode) for the front, the back, V and Z modes. 

  • Original Illustration by Motoki Yoshihara
  • Colors by Danimation
  • Officially Licensed Street Fighter Product
  • Designed, Inked in Japan
  • Tee Made and Printed in the USA
  • Highest Quality Tee with super soft cotton for ultimate comfort
  • Front and Back Full Color Design


$ 32.00

$ 26.00