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Street Fighter V x Sanwa Denshi Character PUSHBUTTON ( OBSF30 - SFV - XX)

It's amazing that 7 years have gone by since Street Fighter 4 was released.  With the recent release of Street Fighter V, there has been a huge surge in consumers buying up parts to fix up their controller. 

Once again, we're collaborating with the Street Fighter V franchise to bring a very exclusive and high quality parts from Sanwa Denshi Co., Ltd.  Sanwa Denshi's OBSF-30 pushbutton is the standard in the FGC and preferred among top players.

Deck out your pushbuttons with these SFV logo pushbuttons in both full color and monochrome finishes.  These are printed at the highest quality possible with a clear coat that preserves the artwork for many years. 

Attach image is the actual print on the button cap.  You will receive the full pushbutton (body + plunger).  The price is for each.  You can purchase the matching balltop here.

  • Officially Licensed Street Fighter Product
  • Original Illustration by Motoki Yoshihara
  • Colors by Danimation

$ 12.50