This is one beautiful poster and it's available now for immediate shipment

Paying homage to Shinkiro's iconic piece we've always wanted to recreate the same mesmerizing affect portraying the Power, Beauty, Strength of Juri, Chun-li and Cammy

We met with Andres Blanco in May of 2019 and discussed this concept, which we were both excited about how it could turn out.  Initially, this was scheduled to be released for EVO 2019, but we missed the date due to numerous revisions.  We all agreed not to release this until we felt it captured the viewer's awe and hopefully this was accomplished


  • Officially Licensed Street Fighter Product
  • Illustration (Pencils) - Andres Blanco
  • Illustration (Inks and Background Elements) - Danimation
  • Colors - Danimation
  • 24 x 36" Printed on Heavy Weight Matte Paper
  • Printed in the USA
  • Poster Design by Hibachifinal

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With the 24 x 36" measurements, you can easily find stock frames off the shelf to have this framed in, so you don't have to go through the hassle of having a higher cost custom frame made

$ 18.00

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