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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Sanwa Denshi PUSHBUTTON - 30mm

Official Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike pushbuttons made by Sanwa Denshi Co., Ltd.  20 Characters in all.  Choose your fighter to be part of your team and deck out your stick with top notch performance and looks.

For a game that was released back in 1999, SFIII: 3S finally gets it's well deserved love with merchandise that can really show off it's incredible artwork.  Even compared to today's standard's 3S artwork is exceptional and will look stunning on any controller fight stick.


  • Officially Licensed Street Fighter Product
  • Artwork by Legendary Street Fighter Artist: Daigo Ikeno
  • Produced by Sanwa Denshi Co., Ltd. (Made in Japan)
  • OBSF30mm Sanwa Denshi pushbuttons (Standard sized pushbuttons that are used in Hori, QanBa and Mad Catz Fight Sticks today)
  • Plunger is removable from the body if you want to customize and change the ring colors
  • Can be perform as a SILENT pushbutton with the addition of the Silent Pads (Official Sanwa Denshi Product)
  • 20 Official Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Characters to choose from
  • Enhance the look of your joystick with the matching balltops

$ 12.50