SNK NEO•GEO MVS Magical Drop 3 Kit

The ultimate Magical Drop game of the bunch.  This is considered one of the best puzzle games on the market for any system and for those collectors out there, this is a rare opportunity.  It's difficult enough to find this as an English format cart, let alone a kit. 

The only thing missing in this cart is the move sticker, which isn't impossible to find as there are sellers out there who offer the whole art set for under $30.00.  The hardest part to complete any kit is matching the serial numbers of the cart and box label.  This is pretty much impossible if you try to complete a kit this way, but we did all the hard work for you already.


  • Matching Serial Number on Cart and Box Label: 000811
  • Comes with the Mini Marquee, Mini Arcade Flyers and Dipsheet
  • Extremely rare to find as a kit

$ 375.00