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SNK NEO•GEO MVS Garou: Mark of the Wolves (cartridge only)

This is an English labeled authentic cartridge, not a bootleg like many others out there.  The serial numbers though have been scratched off.  This was common practice back in the day to prevent unauthorized import/export to various countries. 

Still considered by many Neo fans to be SNK's flagship fighter.  A spin-off of the Fatal Fury storyline, Mark of the Wolves was completely redone from the ground up with fluid animation, new game engine and a great cast of characters, this game is tops. 

By far SNK's deepest fighting game with tons of moves and techniques to master.   Mark of the Wolves was a game that was way ahead of it's time. 

It is extremely rare to even find this cart for sale.  The last time we offered this title in English format was over 7 years ago.

$ 205.00