SNK NEO•GEO AES Baseball Stars Professional (English)

This game is what Neo sports titles is all about....pure fun. To this date, I can't think of a more enjoyable baseball game than this one (except maybe BBS2).  This is THE Baseball game that put SNK on the map and it's in glorious 24-bit graphics. 

For those collector's out there, everything is in NOS condition, except inside the case is slightly cracked.  As many of you collector's know, this is common in the old style case.  If we had a better condition old style case, we would swap it out for you, but unfortunately, we don't. 

Most importantly though, the main contents that are hard to come by, the cartridge, manual and insert are in top shape.  Old Style cases are much easier to find if you look for it. 

$ 250.00

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