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Seimitsu 'The Natural' Massage Balltop (Arcadeshock Exclusive)

Once in a while, there's a product that simply awes you.  One of main goals bringing out new products to the market is to create that unique user experience beyond the aesthetic aspect.

Introducing what we consider one of the most unique products to hit the FGC.  The Seimitsu 'The Natural' Massage Balltop. 

When we first laid hands on this ball top, we instantly knew it was special and we wanted it, no matter the cost.  Seimitsu was hesitant to have this made as the molding process didn't quite turn out the way they wanted.  The sample we received was created from the 3D printing process and after attempting to mass produce this without success, Seimitsu was back to square one. 

Our suggestion, "make more using the 3D printing process."  Their reply was "are you sure, because it's going to be very costly."  To us, everything is about experience, so we didn't hesitate or flinch when they threw a number at us.  We immediately "approved, let's do this." 

So to justify the cost, we needed an explanation of why it was, not for our purpose as we have made much more expensive items as samples, but moreso, for you, the buyer.  So here are the features of this unique balltop:

  • 100% Acrylic Material Used (much more durable and heavier than the common materials used for 3D models).  The acrylic material also allows the balltop to be translucent, giving it a more attractive look
  • Each balltop takes the 3D printer about 50 minutes to produce (unlike the traditional process where hundreds can be made in the same time period)
  • An additional 2 hours per balltop is require to wash and smooth out the surface by hand
  • The insert screw is then added as the final touch
  • The color is natural as chosen by Seimitsu (no paint or gloss coat on this)
  • Limited to 60 Balltops Worldwide (Seimitsu x Arcadeshock World Exclusive) 30 Sold at EVO, 30 Sold Online  - No more will be produced after these quantities are fulfilled

The result? Truly a balltop that does what it's advertised as "massage" the hand.  A little over the top for a balltop? Perhaps, but up to this point, it is the first balltop that goes beyond just aesthetic appeal.

What you do with this is none of our business.  We're just here to bring out the coolest FGC products we can. 

$ 65.00