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SEIMITSU LSH-56-01 Anomalous Spring Joystick (LIMITED EDITION)

The LSH-56-01 is a limited edition joystick by Seimitsu that uses what they call an anomalous spring which divides the tension into two parts (different coil lengths for the top and bottom half).   This purpose of this according to Seimitsu is to allow the user to experience two types of orientations

The first orientation which is set by default is what they call the "return orientation."  This setting optimizes the shaft to return to center faster

The second orientation, which you would simply flip the spring vertically, is the "input orientation." This setting optimizes the speed of the inputs

A custom spacer was made for this setup as well as the clear shaft cover to differentiate this joystick from the stock solid black shaft found in the LS-56-01


  • LSH-56-01 Joystick
  • Custom Spring / Spacer (already installed)
  • Clear White Shaft Cover (already installed)
  • Balltop is NOT included
  • Worldwide Production:  Limited to 2000 units

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$ 21.95