Seimitsu LS-64 Analog Joystick (Limited Availability)

Not a joystick you see often and rightfully so, this was discontinued by Seimitsu for a number of years. This stick was used primarily for redemption machines in Japan.  Over the years, members of the community have converted this joystick to function as part of a "Smash Stick." 

These are the last new pieces from Seimitsu's factory and there won't be any more available from them after this.

Here is a thread on on some mods using this:

Seimitsu LS-64 Thread on

Please note that this is sold as-is.  These are all brand new, never used joysticks and chances are, you will have to mod these to make them work to your application.  Naturally, with any type of mod, once you alter it, there is no warranty, so if you don't know what you're doing, you shouldn't be buying this, unless you're a collector (why a joystick though?). 


  • Analog Joystick
  • Comes with dust / shaft cover (black)
  • Balltop (Green)
  • Everything you see in the pic

$ 95.00