SEIMITSU LS-300 Joystick

February 25: In Stock

This specific type (Faston) is a limited production

It seems like JAEPO is Seimitsu's show for releasing some new and unique products.  Last year, we saw them release the LS-62-01, which they sold out of their first batch in a very short period of time. 

For this year's 2017 JAEPO, Seimitsu is launching their new LS-300.  Based off of the LS-32 series, the 300 uses their new proprietary Omron switches.  The current LS-32 series uses Panasonic switches. 

Note that this lever uses the faston type connector, not the standard 5-pin.  This lever is generally used in Japanese candy cabs.  You can though have a custom cable made to convert this to a 5-pin harness.

What's Included

  • LS-300 Faston Type Joystick
  • Black Balltop (LB-35)
  • SE Plate (as shown)

$ 19.95

$ 17.56