Seimitsu LS-300-01 Joystick [PRE-ORDER]

Pre-Order: Arrives Mid March 2017

It seems like JAEPO is Seimitsu's show for releasing some new and unique products.  Last year, we saw them release the LS-62-01, which they sold out of their first batch in a very short period of time. 

For this year's 2017 JAEPO, Seimitsu is launching their new LS-300.  Based off of the LS-32 series, the 300 uses their new proprietary Omron switches.  The current LS-32 series uses Panasonic switches.  Note that the LS-32-01 is still in production. 

From our initial tests, this stick feels very much like Sanwa Denshi's JLF Line (non-silent version).  The PCB board has been revised to accommodate the new switches from what we've seen. We're still confirming whether the spring tension is the same as the current LS-32 line.  

What's Included

  • LS-300-01 5-pin Type
  • Black Balltop (LB-35) Clear Red Bubbletop is shown (not included)
  • SS Plate as shown
  • 5-pin Harness Cable

$ 19.95