Seimitsu LB-35 LIMITED EDITION Solid Color Balltop

These are limited edition color balltops from Seimitsu that are sold exclusively at trade shows they attend.   These colors are quite attractive and unlike any other on the market.  Deep Pink or (Fuchsia), Dark Green (really really dark) and Lemon (which looks like the color of a tennis ball - the bright yellow version, that is).  We have very limited quantities of these, so get them while you can.

We have only a small quantity of each of these colors so pick them up while they're available.  We will not be restocking these unless Seimitsu decides to make another production for their trade show events.

These will fit on any of the joysticks we carry, from Hori, Sanwa Denshi and of course, Seimitsu themselves. 

Measurement of balltop diameter:  35mm

$ 5.00