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Sanwa Denshi Wooden Balltop (EVO 2015 Exclusive) 2 Types

Sanwa Denshi takes the creation of something simple as a balltop for a joystick to another level.   Last year, Sanwa Denshi released limited edition wooden ball tops at EVO 2014, which was a huge hit as they sold out within hours.  At EVO 2015, they followed up with their exclusive wooden series with 2 new types of woods, Burma Padouk (as shown on the left - darker wood) and Rosewood (as shown on the right - lighter wood), while releasing them in 2 different handle styles, balltop (as shown here) and bat top.  Unlike the wooden balltops released last year, the wood type was the same, Briar, while the finish and texture were different. 

  • Limited Edition Ball Tops for 2015
  • Hand made in Japan by wooden craftsman
  • 2 woods to choose from - Burma Padouk or Rosewood (on the right as shown in photo)
  • Each ball top is unique in characteristic as no two grains are the same

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$ 49.98