Sanwa Denshi MONO Arcade Stick PS3 / PS4

Sanwa Denshi is easily the most popular and well respected arcade parts manufacturer worldwide.   Sanwa Denshi, while not known for their arcade stick design or manufacturing, actually was the brains behind the Blaz Blue / Guilty Gear licensed arcade sticks the past few years.

At EVO Japan 2018, Sanwa Denshi released their own branded arcade stick based off of the Guilty Gear arcade stick launched over a year ago (which was a Sanwa Denshi design). 


  • Officially Licensed PS4 Product
  • PS3 / PS4 / PC (not D-Input)
  • Sanwa Denshi OBSF30 Pushbuttons
  • Sanwa Denshi JLF Joystick
  • Foam Underside Padding for comfort / grip
  • Removable Plexi for Custom Graphics

Short Link:

$ 214.99