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SANWA DENSHI JLFD-TP-8YT Detachable Shaft Joystick

It was back in EVO 2016 that the Sanwa Denshi crew stopped by our booth and picked up Phreakmods Link.  Their impression?  Well, they were impressed, especially when this was made to work with their Sanwa Denshi JLF series joysticks

Fast forward to EVO 2018 when they confirmed with us that they were working on a detachable shaft that is different from the Phreakmods Link. At TGS 2018, we were shown the final production model and realized fans of Sanwa Denshi products as well as possible Phreakmod Link's adopters would find an interest in this product

Phreakmods Link was the first to do the detachable shaft with it's quick release system.  The main purpose with this is to protect the joystick from damage for those who didn't have a proper arcade stick bag.  Sanwa Denshi uses a different approach, which allows the use of a shaft cover (in this case it's required to twist off the shaft) and the shaft itself is the same shape and size all the way up to the balltop

See installation and removal diagram our graphic designer, Hibachifinal translated and edited to English 

We recommend the balltop be tightened by hand only.  If you use a screw driver to tighten this, it will be very difficult to remove it


  • JLF Base / PCB / Metal Plate
  • JLF Removable Shaft
  • JLF Clear Shaft Cover (Custom for this)
  • Dust Cover (Black)
  • Balltop NOT included 

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Check out this cool video of a DIY gaming kit using one of these detachable shafts:  RASPBERRY PI DIY Arcade System

$ 34.95