Sanwa Denshi Silent Joystick - JLF-TPRG-8AYT-SK - Low Tension

After the release of their Silent Joystick in 2013, no one would have thought they would come out with another version so soon.  We personally used the original Silent Joystick in some of our sticks and have found it to perform exceptionally well, not only delivering what it is intended to do which is produce almost no noise, but also perform at a more precise level than the normal JLF Stick.

Sanwa Denshi made some nice improvements on it's 2014 Version.

So what's new for their Silent Stick for 2014 [JLF-TPRG-8AYT-SK]:

  • New Restrictor Plate (This is molded as a one piece plate, not a 2 piece like the current square or octagonal gate, which the center piece can be removed.  What this does is make it much more stable without the 'wiggling' or wasted motion, so the circular motions are much more precise). 
  • Because there are no Switching Parts from 4 to 8 way movement, the "rattling" is extremely minimized and the motion is optimized for the shortest path
  • Timing Switch for On/Off is much more precise and responsive
  • No need to connect each Micro Switch (inclusive on board similar to the JLF-TP-8YT)
  • Uses the common 5-pin connector found on the Normal JLF Sticks as well as Seimitsu sticks, so swapping out the stick is a cinch and does not require the dedicated harness cable
  • Note: There is a sticker on the gate and pcb which is written in Japanese that warns the user not to remove the gate as this can damage the switches underneath.  If this sticker is removed, your the warranty is voided, no exceptions.  There will be no refunds, exchanges or returns in cases like this. If the joystick does not work upon arrival, contact us and keep the joystick intact.  Like all of our products, once you disassemble or mod it for any reason, the manufacturer's warranty is voided.  This is an industry standard.

Sanwa Denshi Dust/Shaft Cover, Black or White LB35 Solid Balltop, Mounting Plate and New Square Gate Restrictor are all included.  The 5-pin wiring harness is NOT included.  If you are replacing a non-Silent JLF or Seimitsu Joystick, you do not need this.  If you constructing a controller from scratch, you do need the 5-pin wiring harness.

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