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CROWN CWL-309 ver.HELPME Joystick

Help Me Lever

After being home to a variety of joystick levers from Japan, we at Arcade Shock finally took the plunge into Korean arcade parts. Whether it's for Tekken, other fighting games, or just want to generally try something out of the ordinary, we have you covered with those from Samducksa (also known as Crown).

Over the years, Samducksa looked to players in the South Korean Tekken scene to help make new levers. They would first collaborate with Helpme. Ever since Tekken 7's arcade release in Korea and its eventual availability for home platforms, Helpme's lever would be considered a popular choice for Tekken players.

The sizes of the CWL-309 Help Me lever's directions are pretty balanced and accurate which makes it suitable for other fighting games beyond just Tekken. The large neutral zone does aid in making some of the harder moves in Tekken more palatable to perform. The 35A tension grommet inside the lever is also soft enough for new owners to get accustomed to while hard enough for those who used high tension levers before. Thanks to the plastic collar found on the middle of the lever, its fluid action gives players a very authentic Korean arcade lever experience.

WARNING: Please note that this lever in particular uses a different mounting standard not found in Japanese arcade sticks. It will only work on sticks that both adhere to the specific screw points and has 35mm joystick lever hole for the 309's collar to go through. If you are looking for a similar to install, look into the CWL-309MJ-DX or the CWL-303-DX Crazy Dongpal

IMPORTANT: ADD this mounting plate if you're going to use with our HIGH GRADE ALUMINUM PANEL that uses the 35mm Collar (Obsidian, HRAP N, Razer Panthera)

What's Included

  • CWL-309 Ver. Help Me Joystick
  • Gersung V1623A3 Microswitches
  • Choose between White, Black, Red, or Purple Bat tops
  • HST 35A Silicone Tension Grommet
  • NOTE: you will need the .187 to 5-pin harness if you do not have one already to use with stock arcade sticks from Hori, Qanba, Mad Catz, Razer

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$ 29.95