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Limited Edition stick made for our sponsored player, AS}Reynald.   He has won numerous tournaments with this stick (the exact parts) and many others who have used this stick have performed exceptionally well at various fighters.  QanBa PCB's are known to be very responsive and have tested over and over again to have little to no latency.  If you've played King of Fighters XIII, there is no room for error and Reynald has proven that the execution of this stick is top notch, no questions.
  • Clear Sanwa Balltop/Shaft Cover AND comes with SOLID Sanwa Balltop and Shaft Cover
  • Clear Sanwa Buttons (OBSC30/24)
  • Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y Joystick
  • Bonus Solid White Sanwa Balltop/Shaft Cover
  • Limited Run of 100 Pieces
  • Official Stick used by our Professional Sponsored Gamer: ARCADESHOCK Reynald
  • Stick AS|Reynald used to take 1st Place in KOFXIII (King of Fighters 13) at EVO 2013

$ 199.98