QanBa Q4 ICE BLUE SE II (Seimitsu) Joystick

QanBa's Q4 RAF 3 in 1 stick covers 2 Major consoles, PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC all in one cabinet.   This version, SEII is an alternate version to their original SE Line, which uses Seimitsu's LS-58 joystick.  The Seimitsu joystick used in the first version (which is still current and available) is the LS-32.

Qanba addresses all of those issues with multi-system compatibility, that does not sacrifice in quality whatsoever (actually built better than most sticks on the market), while offering a more than reasonable price point. 

Qanba Q4 RAF ICE BLUE SE II (Version 2):

  • Works with PS3/Xbox 360/PC
  • Seimitsu Joystick (LS-58) with clear balltop
  • Seimitsu Buttons (All Clear) for both 30mm and 24mm (PS-14K-N)
  • Turbo Feature
  • Hidden Compartment for USB Cable
  • Carrying Handle 

Direct from the Qanba factory, for the first time, we are offering the SE Edition stick for the Q3 3-in-1.  Some of our customers prefer the Seimitsu buttons for their signature feel, so Qanba accommodated our needs to make a special version for us. 

$ 199.98