QANBA Q2PRO LED Arcade PS3/PC Joystick (Silver Limited Edtion)

Qanba's next generation stick has finally arrived.  This time, they've overhauled their stick to not only provide for a better play experience, but match it with tricked out looks and this one will get your attention. 

These are the Limited Edition Silver versions of Qanba's LED series.  Compared to the White and Black versions, these are on a limited run which will not see a second run once this is sold out. 


  • PS3/PC Compatibility
  • VEWLIX Joystick/Pushbutton Layout
  • LED Lit Joystick (Customized by Qanba)
  • LED Lit Pushbuttons/Start Button (Customized by Qanba)
  • Hidden Compartment for USB Cable (Locked down by Magnetic Panel)
  • Hidden Lift Handle for Easy Transportation
  • 3M USB Cable
  • 7.3 lbs (3.3 Kg) Heavyweight for stability

$ 159.98

$ 109.98