QanBa Q2 PRO STEALTH BLACK SE (Seimitsu Parts) Joystick

Qanba's next generation stick is here and in a big way.  For those Seimitsu fans, we have the stick for you. 

This version (Q2 PRO STEALTH BLACK SE) is an ARCADESHOCK Exclusive as it is compatible with the PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

We understand there are Seimitsu fans out there and your requests were not left unheard.  While the standard Qanba Sticks are stocked with their own and Sanwa Denshi parts, we continually work with Qanba and request them to make a specific line of their top sticks with Seimitsu parts.  This time around, instead of using the LS-32 joystick, we updated the stick with Seimitsu's latest LS-58, preferred by most players in Japan and here in the states. 

To balance out the Stealth SE, Clear White Seimitsu push buttons are used for both the 24 and 30mm variations. 

Let's just say that this stick not only performs well, but adds the good looks to match. 

This is an EXTREMELY limited production, so if you really want this, we highly recommend picking this up soon.  


  • PS3/PC and Xbox 360 Compatibility
  • VEWLIX Joystick/Pushbutton Layout
  • SEIMITSU LS-58 Joystick (all BLACK)
  • SEIMITSU Clear Bubble Top (CLEAR BLACK)
  • SEIMITSU Pushbuttons (24 and 30mm all CLEAR)
  • Hidden Compartment for USB Cable (Locked down by Magnetic Panel)
  • Hidden Lift Handle for Easy Transportation
  • 3M USB Cable
  • 7.3 lbs (3.3 Kg) Heavyweight for stability

$ 199.98

$ 154.98