Pro-Modded NEO•GEO AES System (SER. XXXXX)

Why go PRO?

Professionally modded NEO GEO AES system with ultimate pro audio and video quality performance.

Here are the list of upgrades/modifications:

  • Component Video (Best Video Output possible)
  • S-Video (Next best thing to component video, for those who don't have a component video input)
  • RCA/Composite Video
  • RCA/Composite Audio (Spruces up tunes and effects from the standard mono)
  • Unibios 3.0 (Allows gamers to turn off censors, skip levels, add lives, just like a Game Shark).  Socketed for easy removal and future upgrades.  Latest version as of 10/18/2012
  • Power LED light (Not only cool looking but lets you know your NEOGEO system is on or off)
  • Systems were chosen in physical very good condition or better before they were modded.  What this means is every system has the NEOGEO logo and other text on each unit in clear view with NO fading.

All of these additions were professionally modded to perfection for the best possible audio and video performance from the NEOGEO AES system.

Package includes:

  • NEOGEO Ultimate Modded AES System w/features listed above
  • Official SNK NEOGEO Power Supply
  • Official SNK NEOGEO AV Cable

$ 699.00

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