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NEO GEO Stealth MVS (Super Compact Pro System)

Welcome to the next generation of NEO GEO MVS Systems.  For the past 10 years, there has been a numerous amount of personal customization of NEO GEO MVS systems, which we also know today as "consolizing" to some.  The difference between "consolizing" a system, which is taking a pre-existing MVS board and it's specific shell and modifying it from it's own casing/shell and what we have here is, our system is built basically from the ground up.  We use only the best components, from the video/audio board, down to the connectors and joystick ports.  Expect great video and audio performance as well as a clean, aesthetically appealing unit.

The whole idea behind building this unit was simple.  We wanted to design a system that was not only functional with the highest performance possible from a NEO GEO MVS unit, but also, a system that looked as good as it performs. 

Front Panel: Simple, clean, functional.  Power LED light and two joystick ports. 

Back Panel: Video Outputs (Component/S-Video/RCA) : Audio Output (L/R) : Power Output and On/Off Switch. 

Here are the list of modifications:

  • Component Video (Best Video Output possible)
  • S-Video (Next best thing to component video, for those who don't have a component video input)
  • RCA/Composite Video
  • RCA/Composite Audio (Stereo output, upgraded from the standard Mono Audio)
  • Unibios 3.0 (Allows gamers to turn off censors, skip levels, add lives, just like a Game Shark).  Socketed for easy removal and future upgrades. 
  • LED lit near cartridge slot
  • Power LED light (Not only cool looking but lets you know your NEO GEO system is on or off)


What's included:

  • Pro-Modded System (From authentic brand new NEO GEO MVS Board)
  • Brand New Power Supply
  • High Quality Component Video and RCA Audio Cables
  • Bonus: Authentic NEO•GEO Classic Controller

$ 899.99

$ 699.99