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The game pad controller market is competitive, which means, as a manufacturer, it's certainly a daunting task to even think about making such a product, well, unless you're Brook.

Brook's parent company actually has been making major key components and products for large companies over the years, one of them you may have heard of before, Activision, notably, their Guitar Hero series.  The parts inside the Guitar Hero are Brook guts. 

They have also made countless game pad controllers and adapters for other companies as well, so they've had quite a bit of experience in the manufacturing side as well as feedback from their clients and customers. 

When Brook asked for our feedback on the control pad, the one thing we said to them was "just make sure the build quality is top notch with literally no lag."  Their response "we absolutely will." So here it is, the Brook Mars Wired controller. 

We have not tested this for ourselves, but from Brook's reputation of quality in the products we have purchased from them the past 2 years, we have no doubt this is going to be a competitor in the market. 


  • PS4 / PS3 / PC / SWITCH Compatible
  • Zero Lag
  • Motion Control (PS4 / PS3 / Switch)
  • Headset and Mic Support (PS4)
  • Rumble Function (PS4 / PS3 / PC / Switch)
  • Includes Cable and 2 D-pads

$ 44.95

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