HORI Real Arcade Pro. 4 Kai Silent Arcade Stick (PS4/PS3) (OOP - NOS)

This model was a limited release for the US Market and are no longer  produced (Out of Print - OOP).  We have a few remaining pieces (Brand New) and that's it.  If you've wanted this to use or to collect, grab one now. 

Ever since Hori released this stick in Japan, we have been pushing them to get this over here in the states.  The time is almost here and it was the feedback from the community that helped bring superb controller to the states. 

Besides the obvious of lowering the noise level from the joystick, the Hayabusa joystick is at another level in terms of precision and feel.  Hori opted to use an optical gate for their silent Hayabusa which is amazingly accurate.  Coupled with their silent Kuro pushbuttons (using similar pad cushions to the Sanwa Denshi pushbuttons), the HRAP4 Kai Silent is an impressive stick and a worthy upgrade from the HRAP 4 Kai. 


  • PS4/PS3 compatibility
  • Updated for US Market : Kai Version - more spacing in between joystick and pushbuttons.  The pushbuttons are raised a little more for better spacing and comfort
  • Touchpad for use with PS4 compatible games
  • Hayabusa Silent joy stick (using an optical gate), reducing the noise level from 53 db to 5 db
  • Kuro Silent pushbuttons (cushion pads) reducing the noise level from 75 db to 9 db
  • This stick is uniquely designed for the US Market and a first to do so since all other sticks made previously was designed for the JP market then brought over

Note:  The image attached is for the current Japanese version.  The official US version released here will be the "Kai" version as mentioned above and the artwork will be slightly modified (smaller in size).  When we receive the official image, we will update accordingly. 

$ 194.99